In case you have had an e-mail or quote that has been lagging, we are finally back on track and working hard at getting caught up. We've had a few of our special projects reach good places and have the time to devote to running the show. We spent lots of hours over New Year's weekend working on a beautiful Aprilia RS250. It was promised to a customer and they wanted it by the end of the year... photographic evidence in here... A mad dash of labor from Wednesday the 27th through the wee hours of the 31st left the shop a mess: What followed was a last minute 1000 mile road trip to make our end of year 2006 deadline... This wasn't just a rebuild, it was more of a "build or bust" affair, with lots of fabrication and seemingly too little time. This motorcycle hadn't been assembled in this configuration before; so while the engine was in that frame, the remainder of the bike was hand picked from our 3 RS250s to get the parts in the best condition. We had the frame and swingarm polished then it got new chain, sprockets, tires, tail section, replated cylinders, pistons and rings, MCE trued crankshaft, and who knows what else. I hand machined many spacers and various other small parts as needed for a perfect fit. The end result is a beautiful motorcycle worth the effort: This Aprilia's new owners are super happy with this bike, too! To help with the 30 minute "passdown" talk, we recorded it and sending them a DVD. Too much talking to remember it all! :D