California Cycleworks is very proud to announce that we are the full US distributor / importer for Martin Brickwood Performance Ducati. We'll be adding the desmoquattro items to our catalog pages in the near term. Thank you, Guy Martin, for your partnership over the years! We are excited about bringing your incredible talents to all Ducati owners! I extend the invitation to all US customers currently dealing with Guy Martin to contact us about getting your heads to Martin Brickwood Performance Ducati ( even if you are dealing directly with We have a cooperative agreement with an importer, halving the typical costs associated with shipping goods to and from Canada. Bio: Guy Martin is the founder of Martin Brickwood Performance Ducati (MBPDucati). Operating his business with his wife, Janet Brickwood, they've been working to bring reliability and power to Ducatis for decades. Guy's background is in aviation and he has a long-established past building potent bevels. Thankfully, he turned his attention to the modern powerplants and is stunning the community with simple, reliable, and streetable bolt on packages, bringing carbureted desmodues over 100 hp, 115hp 748s, and 996 desmoquattros to an incredible 145 hp! Mr Guy (that's pronounced "Geeeeeee"), thank you for the last half decade with us, and here's to the future!