In 2013 we received funding from a successful campaign (similar to Kickstarter) to make a Multistrada fuel tank kit. Now, two years later, we are excited to start accepting retail orders for MTS tanks! 

The investors of this project are Multistrada owners with a desire for a new tank made with an alternative material. We're using tried and proven crosslinked polyethylene (PEX), just like the rest of the tanks we've been making for 10 years. PEX as a material has improved dimensional stability than the Nylon/PA6 plastic used on OEM parts. The downside is PEX tanks cannot be painted.

We worked closely with the investors and members from forums to ensure the changes from the OEM design had minimal impact on the appearance and function of our tank. 

Features of our tank (and changes from OEM): 
» Similar fuel capacity; 6 US gallons.
» Simplified surface on underside of the tank.
» Relocation of filler drain to above airbox (to remove the internal pipes).
» Simplification of tank design at front of tank; stainless brackets are used for mounting forward fairings.
» Optimizing tank design at rear of tank removes storage tray under rear seat for more capacity.

Demand is outpacing production; the complex tank design necessitated a five piece mold, slowing how quickly tanks can be manufactured. Until deliveries to our investors is complete, retail sales will be limited to 2 out of every 10 tanks manufactured. At this time we are delaying shipment of red color tanks and tanks for MTS620 bikes until Janurary 2016. Black and red will be the only colors available and we are still testing the possibility of paintable tanks, but cannot guarantee it will be available in the future.

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