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Laguna-Seca MotoGP 2009 - Here we come!

Jul 1, 2009 11:56:20 AM

Woohoo!  We are headed to Laguna Seca Raceway this weekend to show off our new HM69 tank.  We have packed the tanks and the sunscreen....not to mention some cute new hats.... so cross your fingers!  We promise to take pics!

We just want to let you know that because of the race weekend your order will be processed as soon as we are able to get to it.   We will all be back in the office on Monday (depending on all the holiday traffic).  Please feel free to leave us a message as well while we are out. 

 If you are headed up there please stop by our booth we are sharing with BrakeTech and say hello!  You can check out all the "goings-on" at the links below.  Thank you all for your continued support here at California Cycleworks!

All the latest:


Comments | Posted By Chris

Hypermotard 6.4 Gallon Tank

Apr 3, 2009 6:27:33 AM

Ca Cycleworks HM69 fuel tank specifications:
* Usable capacity: 6.4 US gallons (22.2 liters), allowing for more than 200 miles between fueling stations.
* Lifetime replacement warranty (limited to the tank itself), including damage to the tank resulting from improper installation.
* Works with 2008~2009 HM1100 as well as 2010 HM796 and HM1100 models with their new battery mounting strap and brackets.
* Manufactured in black for the best appearance on models of all color schemes.
* Available in red, white, and natural/clear to customize the look of your Hypermotard.
* MSRP: $799 (click here to purchase)
* Made with cross-linked polyethylene (PEX), considered by the plastics industry the choice material for rotationally molded fuel cells.
* The HM69 tank is 25% thicker than the OEM fuel cell for increased strength.
* The HM69 tank's polyethylene is uniformly compounded via a custom process to ensure consistent cross-linking (best of industry practice).
* Each tank has a unique serial number.
* Meets NHSTA and DOT rules covering filling rates as the HM69 fuel tank uses the OEM Ducati components for these functions.
* All parts are Made in USA by manufacturers in Southern California, eliminating availability problems.

In the course of the 5 years we have been working on providing alternatives to the OEM fuel tanks (and fuel pumps) for Ducati MH900e, Monster, and HM1100 motorcycles, a tremendous amount of research has been made ensuring that our products exceed requirements for road going motorcycles. (Monster tank is still in development) We researched DOT, NHSTA, CARB, and SAE for standards, guidelines, and suggested practices. Through the entire process of developing the HM1100 tank, ALL ASPECTS of "best of industry" practices have been applied to the design and manufacturer with the goal of the safest product possible.

Fuel tank kit includes:
* HM69 fuel cell
* 16 page full color installation handbook (download a PDF of it here 2.1M)
* Pair of ISO 5011 certified, pod-type, cotton air filters from S&B filters
* New, longer starter cable
* Longer screws and spacers for mounting rear coil to the tank
* Additional replacement hardware

Our hope with the HM69 fuel tank is to bring HM1100 owners enhanced enjoyment of their bikes via increased fuel range. To help Ducati dealers bring this same enjoyment to their customers, we have implemented an aggressive dealer pricing program. Please do not hesitate to contact us about the fuel tank's construction, specs, shipping information, or anything else we can help you with.

Link to folder with Press Release type of pictures:

Price: $799 (click here to purchase)

Folder of Install related pictures.

Installation Video (4-Parts)

Please notice that in the photo gallery, when you are viewing a picture, there may be a " +High Res+" link above it ... this is a better resolution version than when browsing the pics in the gallery. Photo credit goes to: Nick Nacca Photo  That's Nick Nacca Photo and the url:  Poster-sized resolution images (65 Meg TIFF) available upon request.

Comments | Posted By Chris

A few new products added...

Dec 5, 2008 8:30:45 AM

1. We now have DynoJet power commanders! We will also be getting one for the 696 by the end of next week.

You can find it under out Electrical page under "Electrical"

2. How is this for a gift idea, A helmet camera system that records your riding from MotoComm. This system lets you record your ride in 3GP format, has an active rearview camera, and a built in MP3 player. With color LCD screen, carrying case, mounting hardware and all cables necessary to use.

You can find it on our gear/accessories page under "must have goods"

Comments | Posted By Chris

Oh what? Cycleworks on MYSPACE?

Nov 8, 2008 5:09:41 PM

That's right folks!  Cycleworks has a new spot to show it's face!   Just a quick hi from the desk of the "holder of the wrench" - hope you dig the MYSPACE page - yet another spot to hopefully drum up more excitement about the coming HYPERMOTARD tank (HM1100)!  Check it out!


Comments | Posted By Chris

Arrow 696 Exhaust!!!

Oct 17, 2008 12:07:45 PM

Hey everyone!


Check out our exhaust page for the new Arrow 696 exhaust!  Exhaust Page


Enjoy your weekend!

Comments | Posted By Chris

Buy from us with confidence!

Oct 3, 2008 7:12:15 AM

We were leaders among our peers with the McAfee Secure (was Scan Alert Hacker Safe) and now we again show how much you mean to us! We are proud to announce our Extended Validation SSL certificate. Originally planned for banking institutions, the EV SSL cert turns your internet browser bar green and shows our company name as well as the signing authority who performed the verification that we are an established Corporation. We are serious about taking care of you with great parts as well as taking every measure possible to protect your personal information.
Comments | Posted By Chris

New Products on our Website

Oct 2, 2008 11:57:00 AM

As you may have noticed, our website has changed and we are currently working hard to add more and more parts to it. Below please find a list of the products we have added this month:

1. AG Hammer Parts
     Radiator Protectors for S4R & 999: picture
     Oil Cooler Protectors for M & 999: picture
     Radiator Side Protector for S4R: picture
     2 into 1 exhaust for S2R/S4R: picture

     Power Pulse Box: picture

     Clutch Slave Cylinder for 2001+ models: picture
     Clutch Covers: picture

     Sprocket Covers: picture

     Fork Stabilizer: picture
     Ride Height adjuster for ST frame M: picture

     Rearsets for M & 999/749: picture

2. Arrow
     Steering Dampers: picture
     Rearsets for SBK: picture
3. Sato Rearsets: picture

4. SpeedyMoto Parts
     Sprocket Covers: picture
     Belt Covers: picture

     Triple Clamps: picture
     Bar Riser kit for Monster: picture
     Steering Head Bearings: picture
     Clip-ons: picture    

     Shock Service Tool: picture
     1098 axle nut socket: picture

Comments | Posted By Chris

Bucci Belts now in stock

Aug 19, 2008 10:36:58 AM

After a long time on backorder the Bucci Belts for the Desmoquattro and 900 2v bikes are back in stock. Thanks to all of you who patiently waited on our backorder list!
Comments | Posted By Chris
Stealth 520 39T Rear Sprockets:

We have received notice from the manufacturer of Stealth sprockets that the 520 39T variety will be discontinued and our most recent batch is the last one. Hurry and get yours today before they disappear!

Bucci Timing Belts for desmoquattro and 900 2V bikes:

We now have a tentative ETA of September 18th. Please contact us if interested and we can keep you on our backorder list. We now have OEM 900 belts for $34 to make up for these being gone. Please contact us if interested.

Single Phase ElectroSport Regulators:

These have been out for a month or so and we have not received a solid ETA. We found a universal single phase regulator/rectifier for $44 retail, but it only has the yellow wires and the + - battery cables. If you are interested, write it in the “additional comments” box of your order.

Brake Tech 320mm Axis Iron/Cobra Stainless Rotors

There have been some issues with production on these and it will likely be the end of September before we will have more in.

As always we apologize for the delay!
Comments | Posted By Chris

MH Battery Tank install pdf

Apr 4, 2008 5:24:12 PM

Details steps for installing the battery version of our endurance racing tank for the MH900e. The original four color install booklet covers all aspects of the install save for the changing of the batteries. This PDF lists the additional steps required.
Comments | Posted By Chris

MH900e battery tanks shipping

Apr 4, 2008 12:53:01 PM

Exciting news -- we are shipping the new "battery" version of our large capacity MH900e endurance racing tank.

The (pdf file) attached to this document is a supplement to accompany the existing instructions for installing the original version of the tank. The only additional parts required are a longer starter cable, M6 screw, and a spacer. There are no permanent alterations required for this REV-B "battery" tank to be installed and work. More info, too, on this older news article.

Both versions of the MH900e Endurance tank are $899. We support the tanks with a "no questions asked" lifetime replacement policy. Even if you accidentally cross thread one of the screws and mess up the tank upon install, we take care of you.

Comments | Posted By Chris

Vendor trip on March 13 ...

Mar 12, 2008 10:38:14 AM

We are excited to be meeting with the new manufacturer for the endurance fuel tank projects. This first meeting is to cover the final details of the MH Battery Tank so that it can enter the production phase. Additionally, we will get more prototypes of the formerly stalled Mosnter racing tank project for review. We are looking forward to the results of our newest business relationship.

Cycleworks will have minimal staffing to cover shipping on Thursday, March 13th. 


Comments | Posted By Chris

MH Battery Tank install notes

Feb 11, 2008 8:39:00 PM

We got in the first article of the MH tank and sorted out cable routing. This tank makes working with or on the battery a much more direct process compared to stock. Many will appreciate how this tank brings the appearance of the MH900e closer to the original prototype. Much more important is that this tank makes use of the current battery used in all other recent Ducatis: the Yuasa YT12B-BS. This battery is very robust and should make owning a MH900e an easier experience. There are no permanent modifications to the bike required, either! We do eliminate 2 large cables and the re-route most wires up there under and behind the steering stem.

Current status of the tank project: the first article is in and approved. We are working with the manufacturer to improve the area where the large fuel pump flange mounts.

The two batteries in the MH900e are wired in parallel. This means the two positive (+) terminal are connected together and also the two negative (-) terminals are connected. Both batteries produce 12V, and in parallel, they together make 12V but have twice the current capacity. The wiring harness has 2 (-) leads and only one (+) lead. There is a battery cable (with red tape at each end) linking the two (+) terminals together. We supply a new cable to go from the starter solenoid to the starter motor. Also, the engine's grounding strap is relocated to allow the wiring loom to move up to the new battery location.

Steps to convert the MH900e to use the battery tank:
Follow the steps in the install booklet until the new tank is resting in the frame -- and the battery in the well, (+) terminal to the front of the motorcycle.
Remove the battery covers, straps, and then the batteries. It is fairly easy to unscrew the terminals then lift the batteries up 1/2 inch and they slide down and forward out of the boxes.
Remove the battery boxes by unscrewing the 8mm and 6mm bolts from the top and bottom of the boxes. The right side box has the main fuse and starter solenoid mounted. The fuse is removed by inserting a flat tip screwdriver from the rear.
Unbolt the cables from the solenoid and then remove the starter cable; it is unused and its replacement will not be near the exhaust and will instead be on the left side of the engine.
At this time, the crossbar with the regulator is loose and hanging from its wires.
Disconnect the two wire connectors and rest the crossbar with regulator on the floor.
Remove all cables ties holding electrical wires to the frame in this area to allow total freedom to move the harness. Also remove the screw holding the (-) grounding strap to the engine. It is bolted to a fitting on the left front of the engine case, near the base of the forward cylinder. This cable is secured to the forward valve cover using one of the supplied fasteners.
Notice the (-) cable lead with about 8 inches of length. Pull this up to the battery compartment and the (-) terminal. This leaves the spare (-) cable lead in the harness resting free.
Pull the lone (+) battery cable up to the battery. Pull the (+) cable originally attached to the solenoid to the left frame rail and bolt it to the solenoid, with the solenoid's smooth side facing outward to the left of the motorcycle.
Use the supplied battery cable to replace the starter cable. Route it along the frame and down the engine case. You can zip tie it to the other electrical wiring near it along the path.

Pictures (more to come):

Comments | Posted By Chris


Feb 1, 2008 2:06:47 PM

Thanks everyone for a great start to 2008. Thanks also for everyone's patience the past couple weeks. Chris (the owner) had some down time from a severe cold/flu and there are some things which just can't get done without him. He's getting better and we're looking forward to an even better February!

Comments | Posted By Chris

Motorcycle hauling Van for sale

Jan 24, 2008 11:06:00 AM

We're selling the 2000 Ford full size van that has served so well since z!na and I got it new in December of 1999. The price is great at $6700. No expense spared in setting up for towing or hauling two bikes inside the van! Read more here: 
Comments | Posted By Chris

Working Holidays

Jan 2, 2008 11:05:51 AM

We've been cranking through the website updates over the holiday break. We're taking the 2nd off to focus on more code, but we'll get shipping again on Thursday. Apologies if you have an unanswered e-mail; we'll get back on it now that the holidays are past.


Comments | Posted By Chris

MH "Battery" Tank

Dec 27, 2007 11:23:07 PM

Some great Christmas news: We have confirmation from the plant that the mold for the revised tank is finished and on its way to the production plant from the R&D shop. More updates as info unfolds. We'll be getting a "sample" in shortly, which should not require much proofing other than the details of battery placement.
Comments | Posted By Chris

Website update

Dec 27, 2007 11:14:20 PM

Merry Christmas! We got you a new website! We're not 100% done with the new look of our site, but we're getting close! The point of all these changes is to move our site into modern technology, allowing for easier updates and the groundwork for our new catalog engine. The plans have been laid and we're looking forward to having much more information available in the catalog about the parts we sell!  
Comments | Posted By Chris

New site design!

Dec 19, 2007 5:19:46 PM

We've been working all hours getting the new management system to work. We're starting to use proper tools for running the site, which will make updates and adding new products easier. Unfortunately, there is a nearly infinite amount of work going on in the background to build up the infrastructure of what you see in the presentation. So it looks like "nothing at all" is going on, when there is actually a flurry of code writing. :) 

Visit back for updates ... or subscribe to our RSS feed! 

Comments | Posted By Chris

Back to work...

Oct 23, 2007 6:09:00 PM

We're open and getting boxes going, so it's ok to place your orders. UPS and USPS are both servicing our location. I'm trying to keep my google map updated, as a lot of folks are using it for information. (174000+ views)

The fires are raging, but oddly, it seems everyone is a touch relaxed as the fire seems to be of predictable scope. The sky is smoky and some ashes are falling here at the shop, only a mile from Qualcomm Stadium.

Thanks, Chris
Comments | Posted By Chris

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