We spent the weekend cleaning up and organizing the shop. We're hoping to soon list the random parts we have accumulated in our catalog. MH Tank news: We're very glad to have some more testing of our tank with the fuel pump in the forward position. Our San Diego tester wrote: I completed the "running out of gas tour" this morning. It started last weekend with a 153 miles rideā€¦no gas stops! Much of that was at a spirited pace. ;-) This was done using the revised version of the California Cycleworks tank with the pump in the front. No modifications to wiring or hoses required. The results: * 141 miles until the fuel light came on * 182 miles until the bike started to stutter (I then went about another 2 miles to a gas station) * 4.975 gallons of gas taken Since the rated capacity is 5.1 gallons, that is excellent. Using the averge fuel mileage over the entire 184 miles (37 mpg) I estimated there was almost 1.2 gallons left when the fuel light came on. Regards, -Steve What's next with the MH Tank: The design needs 3 tweaks to start production. We'll remove all apects of the rear location of the fuel pump from the tank, make an adjustment to the forward fuel pump location, and include identifying marks to the mold.