Be sure when e-mailing Cycleworks that your spam guard lets us in. This especially applies to EarthLink accounts. Also, please consider that e-mail is not always the most reliable form of communication. There are delays, bad addresses, aggressive spam filters, and inboxes overrun with spam (so the desired content is overlooked). If the correspondence is urgent or if you think we're waiting too long to respond, please call us at 619/501-2466. We got an e-mail from Joseph Z where our reply bounced... Sent: 10/30/2006 01:28:04 am Subject: Slip-On Exhaust Message: I own a 06' Ducati S2R 800 and I'm looking to install an Arrow Carbon slip-on mufflers. Due you sell just the slip-ons? I found part #4577111 would those fit onto my stock pipes? California Cycleworks Support to Joseph Hi Joseph, Thanks for writing! That part number is for the mufflers only. In addition to that, you will also need either the slip-on tubes or the header for the full system. Arrow recommends against using the carbon mufflers with "slip-ons" and only wants the carbon mufflers to go on their full system. I theorize the reasoning is because the slip-ons may get hotter from coming out of the exhaust box under the bike. Thanks, Chris