Our tester checked in via blackberry: > From: S > Sent: Sun May 14 10:33:40 2006 > Subject: Tank Report > > I am at about 70 miles and stopped for breakfast at Twin Lakes > (Potrero.) I opened the tank. Lots of air rushed in. Soon heading > into uncharted territory. :-). > From: S > Sent: Sun May 14 11:41:56 2006 > Subject: Re: Tank Report > > I am on Mt Laguna. Fuel light came on at about 120 miles. Can see a > small amount of fuel straight below the gas cap which means the > front sump is full. > From: S > Sent: Sun May 14 13:44:22 2006 > Subject: Re: Tank Report > > It started to run out of gas at about the 145 mi mark (exiting I-8 > westbound at Japatul - had come down Mt Laguna and got on the freeway > there) it never died and was back to normal as I was rolling ramp and > then ran out at about 12 miles later on Skyline Truck Trail. Got the > footpeg push to a gas station where it took 4.4 gallons. I could hear > gas sloshing...presumably in the front sump. So it looks like where we stand right now we've got 4.4 gallons usable which he got 145 miles out of. Not bad -- doubled capacity! Next step is to talk with the manufacturer about revising the design to improve slosh-back some. :) The beauty of this process is that changes are relatively easy to make and can happen very quickly.