Thursday, Oct 11, we're focusing on in-house work. We've got to process a batch of Dyna coils and get caught up with e-mail and other projects. Apologies if you called and didn't get through. We can't even hear the phone ring when running the coils kits, let alone try to talk on the phones! :) Information about our Dyna Coils Kits: California Cycleworks, Inc is the only place to buy a ready to install, bolt on coils kit for the carbureted Ducati Monsters and Supersports (SS). There are no mods made to your bike, so it remains all stock. These kits have been one of our most popular sellers for over 5 years! They make a noticeable improvement over the small and weak OEM coils supplied with these models, especially at lower rpm! We have an info page at which reviews the Dyna Coils Kit. The kit includes a 10 page instruction pack with generous pictures to ensure a simple installation. Applicable models: Supersport 900: 1991~1998 all models 900SS, 900SS/SL Superlight, 900SS/SP, 900SS/CR, 900SS/FE Supersport 750: all years up to / including 1998 Supersport 600: all years Monster 900 : 1994~1999 Monster 750 : all years up to / including 2001. (only the 2001 model is EFI, which this kit is not for) Monster 600: all years Models this kits is not intended for: Any fuel injected Monster, SS, etc. efi Monsters are 2000+ M900 and 2002+ ALL Monsters. All Supersports 1999 and up. This is not to say the dyna coils won't work on these models (they may, they may not, we haven't tried), but instead, it is obvious that the coils have no easy fitment to these bikes, especially not on Monsters! There have been a couple resourceful SSie owners who have replaced the 916-type coils with Dyna coils. You do not need the conversion (and added expense) of our kit! Instead you get to do like many many mechanics who have installed Dyna coils to Japanese bikes for years: make it work. You'll need to fab up your own mounting bracket. The SSie does not require the coils' internal core to be shortened, as we have to on our kits for carby Ducatis.