Saturday was very productive! Our webguy and his team got the site back online, I got a LOT of work done on our new shipping counter with help from Zina, and the Factotem did some great research & organization in prep for my upcoming trip to a trade show. :)
Shipping counter design Shipping counter design
The basic design of the counter was chalked onto the floor, then the cardboard was cut out. From that, the wood started going up. An online triangle calculator verified observed measurements to within 0.7% deviation.
Shipping counter mess Shipping counter mess
Anyone who's built anything of wood should recognize this! Tools used: miter saw, table saw, circ saw, vertical milling machine...
Shipping counter coming together Shipping counter coming together
The top frame was milled so the counter top would be flush with the corners. Used shipping crate makes for a great exterior. Once the 1/2" MDF was inset into the top frame, the trapezoidal counter became impressively solid. More shipping crate is laid on top of the MDF.