Apologies for the lack of updates recently. We've been at the grindstone getting caught up with demand these past few weeks. We got some feedback from one of our customers: Hi Chris, Just wanted to let you know what you already know about the quality of your tank. I just dropped off my MHe and "Touring Tank" to my local dealer. In my opinion, they have one of Ducati USA's better techs. A couple of months ago I told him about the extended tank you were building and I could tell he was a little bit skeptical. Well, after just giving him the tank, he kept turning it over, looking at the outlets, etc., and he's blown away by the quality. He said, "Man, this is better than stock! This is beautiful!" Ciao, Samuel Also, it is imperative that the spacers Ducati supplies with the OEM fuel tanks are used with the 5.1 gallon tank. These prevent the tank from being deformed by the aluminum plate for the fuel pump.