Hi Everyone, Sorry updates have not been abundant in the past couple weeks. We've been crushed with handling lots of small details. We are pleased to announce a kit to allow 5 gallons of fuel capacity for the MH900e. The kit will include the tank, K&N pod filters, and metal quick disconnect fuel couplings and will require the elimination of the airbox. It appears we will be able to meet our target price of $799. As president of California Cycleworks, I apologize for the long delay in the completion of this project. Recent expansion of industry contacts have enabled me to bring this exciting project to completion! If you wrote to John Clelland years ago wanting a larger fuel tank, please send another e-mail to: mh_tank@ca-cycleworks.com Dealer inquiries welcome. Our exhaust systems are complemented by the addition of Remus! Remus was chosen by Ducati Performance for their exceptional quality. And that's now available to you via California Cycleworks! We've added Speedymoto to our catalog and even have some of their offerings on sale. Check out the Engine parts and covers catalog page for details. We'll be updating our catalog with more Speedymoto parts soon! You'll also notice our Cycle Cat listings got a long overdue update. I think we were about a year behind in their listings! We've got all their latest products and color choices added to our catalog. And don't forget: anyone that is a confirmed dues paying member of a Ducati Club can get 15% off any Cycle Cat order over $200! Sorry, doesn't apply to their rear stands If our 15% off sale isn't listed on your Club's website, be sure to get them to contact California Cycleworks to get added! Thanks! Chris -- Chris Kelley President California Cycleworks, Inc www.ca-cycleworks.com