We are ecstatic to announce our OEM replacement fuel pumps for the latest generation of Ducati motorcycles! All models 2001 and newer with a "fuel pump flange plate" utilize this pump we are now selling. Instead of having to spend $600 to $800 to replace the entire assembly, California Cycleworks can sell you a new pump for $150. Our pumps are manufactured to our exacting specifications by an ISO certified factory. Dealer inquiries welcome. Applicable models: Ducati MH900e "mike hailwood" evoluzione : 2001-2002 Ducati "9-series" Superbikes, 749, 999 : all year models : (2003 and up) Ducati Multistrada : all year and engine models Ducati Monsters with fuel flange : all with plastic tanks : S2R800, S2R1000, S4Rs, and 2007+ S4R (testa) ------ In other news, we are able to provide chain adjuster tools to the S2R800, S2R1000, S4Rs, and 2007+ S4R (testa) models. We are stocking new toolbags intended for the 996, which includes a good array of tools, including the eccentric spanner. Both of these exciting new products are not yet in our catalog but are in the queue.