New site features!!

Search: This is the single most-asked for addition to our site! Type into it and products matching your request pour out below into the body of the page.

Product Filtering: On the left pane in most pages, there are descriptions you can use to narrow the product listing. It's not exact but gets you to the things you want quickly.

Product Pages: About time!! The biggest let-down of our legacy catalog was also its best feature: the simple list of products. This paradigm was quickly outgrown as our business and client-base expanded. Having individual pages grants us the ability to tell you more about the products and is the experience shoppers expect from online merchants.

Pictures: With the product pages come pictures! We can have multiple pictures showcasing the various aspects of the products we sell.

Streamlined Checkout: The 2nd most requested improvement is the improved checkout page / process.

User accounts: Welcome to the 20th century! Finally a website that is intelligent enough that you won't have to re-enter all your information everytime you place an order. Our enterprise grade software is PCI Compliant, so your information stays safe. The best part is how this new software allows multiple addresses, stores them, and will remember your previous orders, too!

Thanks for stopping by!
- Chris