Hey everyone, not too much to report. We finally got caught up on orders and phone messages. Now to do the emails... ;) Also to do are the MH900e instruction booklets. Also, we got in an e-mail inquiry but the reply address was wrong... Subject: Re: Using a coin in engine assembly From: "Chris Kelley, Ca Cycleworks" Date: Thu, 08 Jun 2006 15:18:35 -0700 To: John Spangberg Hi John, Thanks for writing! No, is "ancient" technique used by moto mechanics for decades. Penny is copper ... very soft. :) Chris -- Chris Kelley President California Cycleworks, Inc www.ca-cycleworks.com John Spangberg wrote: > From: John Spangberg > E-mail: jspangberg@baesystems.com > ip: > Sent: 06/08/2006 03:13:24 pm > > Subject: Using a coin in engine assembly > > Message: > Greetings, > I was reading your 900ss engine rebuilding process and I noticed the picture about how you use a penny in-between the gears when tightening/loosening the nut on the (primary?)gear off the crank. I have not seen this technique before and would like to know if there are any dangers attributed to it. i.e. have you ever had any damage to the gear teeth. > > Thanks! > John