Tonight, I finished the Project S2R front brake + wheel upgrade! The first task was getting in the parts. I ordered up Brake Tech stainless steel AXIS rotors with their "Cobra" pattern outer perimeter. Next, I bought some used Brembo 2 pin Goldline calipers. I've got a set of Ferodo CP911* racing pads. Since I still have a Marvic rear wheel laying on the shelf from when I was going to race the MH900e, I decided to "bling" up the shop bike and go down the path of making it a catalog bike. So I ordered the matching front wheel. For the brake lines, I ran a single hose from the master cylinder to the right caliper then another line looped over the fender. The standard Monster fender was ditched for one from a 916. The 916 fender leaves more room for brake lines and also protects the fork tubes. Some may wonder why I went with the stainless rotors when I already SO love Brake Tech's ductile iron rotors. Well, there are a few reasons. First, I need to know the product I'm selling. Second, Jeff Gehrs, principle of Brake Tech, wants me to sell more of his lower priced rotors. Also, I have to admit that the Cobra outer perimater is attractive and I like that it is purely cosmetic. There's no hyperbole about it. (well, other than obviously removing some material, making the blades weigh less) Also, I have to admit that I'm a little worried about braking overkill with the 320 rotors and the Nissin radial pump, so I didn't mind trying out the stainless. I like the look of the stealthy black Nissin radial pump and I've had a couple of these pumps (one black and one gold) on the shelf for a while and I'm quite fond of them. Easy to reach lever adjuster, integrated brake light, and full size 3/4" bore. Unfortunately, it wasn't as easy to install as I hoped. The throttle had to be rotated on the bar (and a new locating hole drilled) and it would work in only the position shown. And only after having the new lines made up did I realize that the two posts astride of the banjo bolt are not optional. The lever passes very close to the banjo bolt. Where I initially routed the line wasn't working! Once the brake system was sealed, it was a real effort to get the bleeding started. I ended up removing the master cylinder's bleed nipple and sticking the MightyVac's hose and pumping like mad. Once the flow started, it all went well. And there was a LOT of air in the master cylinder itself. I would say that installing this is not any different from installing a Brembo GP pump, save for this one costs less and comes with brake light switch. The lever already feels awesome, though, and I can't wait to ride WSIR big track on Monday! pics of the mods:
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S2R front wheel upgrade: Brembo Gold Line 2 pin calipers w/65mm mounts, Brake Tech AXIS "Cobra" stainless steel 320mm rotors, Marvic Penta wheel.
Nissin radial pump Nissin radial pump
Nissin Radial brake master cylinder on Ducati S2R