Hey Everyone, We haven't yet been directly affected by San Diego's Witch Fire, however, we'll update with the latest news if we need to temporarily close. The San Diego "Witch" fire is too reminiscent of 2003's deadly "Cedar" fire, only the "Santa Ana" winds are much worse this year than in 2003!! The Cedar fire covered 20 miles in only a few hours powered by strong Santa Ana winds, traveling from the same area as the "Witch" fire and across the route CCW employees travel to work! Click for a map of that fire: http://www.signonsandiego.com/news/fires/map/031106firemap.html The oddity of the "Witch" fire is how the "Santa Ana" winds are not behaving like normal; instead of the wind easing or dying during the night, over Sunday night, they got stronger. While typing this up, more fires started. San Diego is up to seven separate wild fires as of 4am. 3:30am PDT listing of the San Diego area fires (location, "name", approx acres: Ramona "Witch" 8000 as of 10pm Sunday. ( Google community maps of Witch fire ) San Pasqual - started by downed power lines at 1am Monday and is "small". Descanso - Tecate "Harris" 14,000 as of 10pm Sunday. ( Google community maps of Harris fire ) Fallbrook - is supposed to be small. San Marcos "Coronado Hills" started near 2am at 20 acres and is now over 100. Weather conditions are worsening: will be more dry with stronger winds Monday and not easing until Tuesday. My contributions to the San Diego Fire Maps on google are on my profile page