This is a great week for the special projects. I delivered the SS-ie to the exhaust makers and now they've got both generations of SSs as well as all 5 2V engines fitted to the SSie. So we'll be making underseat full exhausts for carby or injected SSs with these power plants: 620, 750, 800, 900, 1000DS. The fuel tank manufacturer is done with their prototype and we go up to LA tomorrow to visit with them. I'm bringing with me the tank from Zina's MH#21 so they'll have reference to an OEM tank. The tank from #1636 was consumed in the fab process. From here, they'll need to make any necessary changes to the moulds and once finalized, production "only takes a few days". Then I drive up to LA again and fill up my van and trailer with tanks! After this, we buy all the parts and pieces needed to complete the kits and then arrange a photo shoot for the instructions.