Stealth 520 39T Rear Sprockets:

We have received notice from the manufacturer of Stealth sprockets that the 520 39T variety will be discontinued and our most recent batch is the last one. Hurry and get yours today before they disappear!

Bucci Timing Belts for desmoquattro and 900 2V bikes:

We now have a tentative ETA of September 18th. Please contact us if interested and we can keep you on our backorder list. We now have OEM 900 belts for $34 to make up for these being gone. Please contact us if interested.

Single Phase ElectroSport Regulators:

These have been out for a month or so and we have not received a solid ETA. We found a universal single phase regulator/rectifier for $44 retail, but it only has the yellow wires and the + - battery cables. If you are interested, write it in the “additional comments” box of your order.

Brake Tech 320mm Axis Iron/Cobra Stainless Rotors

There have been some issues with production on these and it will likely be the end of September before we will have more in.

As always we apologize for the delay!