Tonight, I got work started on our project S2R and then updated the website. The S2R is getting a Nissin radial master cylinder (like found on GSXR1000), 320mm Brake Tech AXIS "Cobra" stainless rotors, 2 pin Brembo gold line calipers, and Ferodo CP911* racing pads. It's going to have some WHOA. Tomorrow, I need to get some custom lines fabbed up. This is the one real gating factor to getting the S2R ready for Monday's Track Daz track day. Tonight, I got the php e-mail form sender done. The ASP technology hosted on the old site was really hit or miss. And the new php form has a lot more technology. Lots of error checking and spam prevention as well. I also built a custom 404 page. Off to bed to do the regrind on Friday!