We've been busy the past few months - you might have seen some of what's up: working on the MTT fuel tank, introducing new products (fuel injectors, TPS, flange wires). But what you didn't see is that we upgraded the installation of the software that powers our website. A major versions after our 1.4.2 install made upgrading somewhat painful; we had a development server and were working on it for several months.

Finally, I swallowed my pride and paid a website development team to perform the upgrade. I'm so glad we came to that conclusion! Paying them to do the upgrade allowed me to focus on the business and get real work done. Once the upgrade was finished, there were some features I wanted to add and some special hacks I needed to put back in. The proper way to add features to the Zend-based Magento MVC framework is to make an extension package. 

I wanted to have a simple You Tube video feed like we had years ago when the site was running on WordPress. Just a list of stuff to click on to watch videos. This blossomed into a little more than I intended and ended up with php code that dynamically built a list of playlists and the rest of the videos in the You Tube channel that weren't already in playlists. See the result here: ca-cycleworks.com/videos That package can be downloaded here: http://ca-cycleworks.com/c/media/extensions/Cycleworks_Ytfeed.zip