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» Inventory and Delivery Time
» Ship-To address format
» What to do when there is a problem
» Obtaining Return Authorization

Inventory and Delivery Time

We make every effort to ensure orders received by 1pm Pacific ship the same day; we not yet have a specific cut-off time and will watch for incoming orders throughout the day. California Cycleworks inventories most items priced under $200 for immediate shipment. To get you the best service possible, we sometimes ask associate companies to "drop-ship" your parts directly to you. This "fulfillment shipping" is only used when there are no added costs to your order. We sometimes use fulfillment shipping to speed your delivery of Arrow, Staintune, Remus, and some Brake Tech products. Usually, these fulfillment requests are shipped the same or following day.

Some items may be briefly sold out of our stock and normally ship within 2-4 business days. We normally e-mail when these are the case. We always email about items that take 4-6 business days or more to ship to you.

Back Orders

Sometimes a product you desire is not readily available. In these circumstances, you will be contacted with shipping options. If you desire, the order can be split or held for shipment at one time. Our standard policy is that your credit card is not billed until product is actually shipping to you. You are not committed to the purchase of an item that is in backorder status until it is confirmed. We have the industry’s best customer care where backorders are concerned. We provide frequent updates on status — and until product is shipping, it is ok to cancel the order for it.

Shipping in the US

California Cycleworks reuses boxes and filler, so please excuse boxes that do not offer the best appearance. Most items ship via UPS, as their service is the best available — tracking, insurance, and signature protected delivery. We are not limited to UPS and will use the most "common sense" delivery method to get your order to you. Sometimes it is more economical to use Us Postal Priority Mail.

Our goal is to analyze shipping pricing and methodologies so that we can offer free ground shipping to the "lower 48" US states on as many products as possible.

In the mean time, shipping charges are not normally included with product prices, as the price UPS charges varies dramatically with location and package weight. "Flat rates" for shipping are not suitable as some products are only $6 to ship and others are $19-$25. The shipping charge is $1-2 above actual shipping cost, and not determined until your parcel is packed and ready to ship.

Ship-To Address

Please do not submit ship-to addresses like this:

M. Broomhauer
PO Box 123
465 Maple Ave
Hill, TX 78602

Instead, please submit the billing address as shown on your credit card bill and then correctly fill out your desired shipping address.

International Shipping

Please do not ask for a "gift" shipment. This is illegal and our agents sign a US government document at the time of shipping asserting the contents and purpose of the shipment. The US Postal Inspectors have enough work without California Cycleworks adding to it. If you are determined to avoid paying import duties, have a friend in the US buy the parts and have them send the items to you. Since they know you, they would be more likely to gift you costly motorcycle parts then a complete stranger who coincidentally is a motorcycle parts vendor.

For international shipping, we use Postal Express Mail Service (EMS). California Cycleworks can only ship to the address where the credit card bill goes. All items are shipped "Ex Works" - California Cycleworks, San Diego. UPS, DHL, FedEx, and independent courier can be used under special circumstances. You must provide your account number for any shipment using FedEx. Apply for your FedEx account on their website.

We do not have "problems" — we have opportunities.

Perhaps there is a quality issue with the item you received? Please e-mail or call us to talk about it. Expenses are always on the rise and our entire industry works hard to maintain competitive pricing. Sometimes, changes to a product are made and we aren’t aware. There are many reasons why an internet purchase is not what you expected — you can’t hold it in our shop, our pictures aren’t as good as they should be, no pictures. Give us a call so we can try to understand where we can make your next purchase better.

Under most circumstances, to correct a shipping error or to replace an item, we will immediately ship out the new part. Unlike most online stores, we will allow this to ship without charging your credit card. Upon prompt receipt of the returned part, we then balance your account. We prefer not to make you wait while you send in the first item and we approve the return. If there is any possibility that the return wouldn’t be approved due to the terms on this page, do not take advantage of this grace period. You are still bound by the terms of the sale and may be charged for the new part shipped.

Returns And Order Cancellations

This section is to ensure that as a customer, you will receive the best possible service. The paragraphs below are to ensure your expectations are in agreement with the motorcycle industry’s. When you buy a product and wish to return it, this product must be returned in such a way so that it can then be resold to another customer. When you opened your box and saw your new parts therein, there were no fingerprints and the packaging is intact. Your new product is your new shiny, not someone else's rejects. This is how the next customer needs to feel about the product you are about to return.

Before contacting your credit card company, read and understand the below information and understand that these terms are binding. Sometimes, the quality of the product you received is within industry standards but may not be to your standards. This is rare with the products we sell — but this does not grant customers the right to render the product unsellable before returning it. More about defective/quality issues in its own section below.

Not-So-Fine Print

The conditions set forth in this section came to be required because not everyone understands how business and credit card accounts work. Please understand that California Cycleworks' main goal is for customers to buy good products and be happy with their experience.

  • Returns must be pre-approved.
  • No part, once used, may be returned. If you receive product and render it unsellable or return it in unsellable condition, there cannot be a refund.
  • Returns are accepted for unused products in original, resellable condition only - no bolt impressions from installation or evidence of actual use.
  • All original retail packaging must be intact.
  • The item must be returned in the exact condition as received or there will be no refund. Customer is responsible for return shipping of denied returns.
  • While deposits are not required for special orders, a restocking fee of up to 30% may be charged for canceled orders once they have shipped from the manufacturer or vendor. Our normal restocking fee is 15%, but our goal is to work towards a fee-less return where you only have to pay shipping..
  • Shipping charges are not refundable.
  • Increased fees for urgent delivery are not refundable.
  • Incoterms "Ex Works" means the responsibility for delivery of products ends when we have the item packed and ask the courier to load it. Ex Works does not include forklift service nor any delivery outside of our facility.
  • Insurace coverages on shipments have limited terms and are included for your convenience. California Cycleworks will not reimburse for any amount beyond insurance settlement compensation recieved from the courier service. Normally, settlements are enough to allow us to furnish replacement parts.
  • The acknowledgment you receive upon submitting an order is not a contract and does not constitute an acceptance of your order, but only a record of your offer to purchase a particular item at a particular price. After you place an order, California Cycleworks will determine whether or not to fill the order and may refuse or limit your order for any reason. By placing your order, you agree to accept all terms and conditions set forth anywhere on this site.
  • California Cycleworks reserves the right to accept, refuse, or limit your order for any reason, including, but not limited to, credit review, the unavailability of a product, errors in the prices or product descriptions posted on this website. By placing your order, you agree that California Cycleworks’s total liability, under any legal theory or claim, shall be limited to the purchase price actually paid to California Cycleworks for the product giving rise to California Cycleworks’s liability.

Time Frame for Credit

Once a returned item has been delivered and the return approved, we will process the credit immediately. We hate it when mail order places "sit on" our money and prompt resolution is proper. Once we submit your return to the credit card network, we e-mail you a credit memo reflecting the item returned and the amount refunded. The credit card network takes 1 to 3 days to process our charges; it is reasonable to expect the same for credits.

Exhaust Systems

Upon the attempted installation of exhaust system components, do not run the engine until you are absolutely certain of your satisfaction with the quality and fitment of the exhaust product. In other words, in the rare instance that an exhaust slip-on or full system sold doesn't seem quite right, don't start your bike. Once soot is in the exhaust, the product cannot be refabricated by the manufacturer and sold as new. If it cannot be sold as new, it cannot be returned. In the case that you can document that an exhaust will not fit correctly and it has not been rendered unsellable, there is no restocking fee upon its return. California Cycleworks will also strongly act as your advocate with the vendor to seek proper resolution and your satisfaction. Only 3 times in ten years has this come up. And in each case where the pipes were not sooted, we were able to provide replacement or refund.

ElectroSport Regulators

These regulators are unique in the industry in that there is a 1 year replacement warranty for them provided by ElectroSport. Should a customer have a problem with one and wish a refund instead of replacement, California Cycleworks may grant this option. In order to return a regulator, please email us and ask for "regulator test form." Complete the few simple measurements, sign the document, and return the regulator via UPS.


Once a shock is commissioned for construction, it must be purchased. If desired, California Cycleworks will consign it as new until the next sale; however the original buyer must pay for the spring if a new one is required. Unwanted shocks will not be absorbed into California Cycleworks inventory.

Defective Parts

California Cycleworks vendors are held to a high standard. High standards for quality control and also for customer service, which means the vendors and manufacturers of the products for sale here must stand behind their product or it will not be listed. California Cycleworks will act as your advocate with the product manufacturer and/or importer. The rare times a product has not lived up to normal expectations, resolution for the customer will be achieved. Defective products in unused condition may be returned and there will be no restocking fees. It is important that you as a customer communicate with California Cycleworks any failed expectations so that the manufacturer can be brought to task over the bad condition. Product manufacturers and California Cycleworks rely upon satisfied customers to uphold our good reputations.

Credit Card Chargebacks

By purchasing from Ca Cycleworks, you agree not to initiate a charge back request with your credit card bank. Further, you agree to a $75 service charge for any declined chargeback request.

We want your satisfaction and work hard to ensure resolution. Inside our office, we will say "we don't have problems, we have opportunities for good customer service." However, there are unfortunately some people who will take any and every chance to take advantage of others — and believe a chargeback can enable the bypass return authorizing systems. Your credit card bank will communicate with us and see the efforts we make to ensure your happiness and will decline your chargeback. This policy and agreement helps us keeps costs as low as possible so you can continue to get great pricing.

Once your chargeback request has been overturned, the $75 service charge is to help pay for the time consumed and paperwork generated by California Cycleworks in the defense of your action. This is chargeable to your credit card, consented to upon placing any order with California Cycleworks.

Should you as a customer initiate "chargeback" proceedings with your credit card, you must return the merchandise in new and resellable condition. Failure to do so means that you are attempting to either retain California Cycleworks property without paying for it OR an attempt is being made to use California Cycleworks merchandise without payment and suit will be filed in small claims court and/or a police investigation for theft will be initiated.

End Note

We hate to close anything on negative thoughts. If you have read this far, you are probably irate. Or just really curious. Or a search engine’s robot.

Please Be Nice

"Never make negative comments or spread rumors about anyone. It depreciates their reputation and yours." -Brian Koslow (American author and entrepreneur)
Sometimes, it seems to us that the facelessness of the internet allows some people calling to forget manners.

When you call or e-mail us, please take a moment to consider your phrasing. We always do the best we can but it is satisfying to help someone who works with us. Our staff are instructed to disconnect and log any phone call in which there is shouting, profanity, or abusive content; mean people suck and our hard work is better spent on customers who appreciate good service.

"The galleries are full of critics. They play no ball, they fight no fights. They make no mistakes because they attempt nothing. Down in the arena are the doers. They make mistakes because they try many things. The man who makes no mistakes lacks boldness and the spirit of adventure. He is the one who never tries anything. His is the brake on the wheel of progress. And yet it cannot be truly said he makes no mistakes, because his biggest mistake is the very fact that he tries nothing, does nothing, except criticize those who do things." -David M. Shoup (link)

Let Us Help You

A customer was talking to me about a local company that customers occasionally gripe about. I said this company was run by honest folks who are good about fixing mistakes and correcting problems with their customers. He said to me "a business’s reputation is not made by perfection; it is how they fix their mistakes." I will never forget that quote. Those words are how we operate: do the best job we can, realize mistakes happen, and then do the best we can for resolution.